Hillside Church

Branding, UI/UX Design

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Hillside Church is a vibrant community in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, with hundreds of attendees on the weekend and dozens of programs operating throughout the week. They increasingly relied on their digital presence to keep the community informed of all the different things happening under the Hillside umbrella, but their website was old, inflexible, and straining to serve the church’s needs.

They reached out to Harbr.co to help build a fresh new brand and a new website that did justice to the diversity and character of the people that called the church home. As part of the Harbr team, I had the opportunity to participate in the rebranding process and lead the design of the website.


The Solution

Once we settled on a new brand, we were able to get into the design of the new site. Hillside has a huge variety of events, programs, and initiatives throughout the year, so they needed a flexible site that could be changed and added to as needed. We designed the site from the ground up to be modular, with several pre-made block templates they could mix and match to create and modify the site’s pages. In addition, they needed a robust media center for Sunday messages and a powerful events calendar that could handle the quantity and variety of their programs. This required several custom pages designed from scratch to address their unique needs. In the end, we were able to work with Hillside’s team to craft a unique, beautiful solution that met their current needs and any that might arise in the future.