Lilypad helps craft breweries’ outside sales teams sell more beer by creating a platform that allows the sales reps to work together, share victories, compete in contests, and score points, all while having an awesome time working in the explosive craft beer sector.

While Lilypad was already working with several large and small breweries and beer distributors, they had two main problems: their marketing site wasn't generating as many new leads as it should, and they were regularly adding features to their app that needed to be designed and integrated into the overall user experience.


The Solution

Over six months I worked with the Lilypad team to design a whole new website that better showcased the app’s features, flexibility, and ease of use, along with a range of marketing materials including emails, landing pages, and ebooks for content marketing campaigns.

Throughout that time we also worked together to refine the user experience of the mobile and web apps, recreating existing screens and designing new ones as new features were developed. Social feeds, contests, leaderboards, resource libraries, searchable and filterable maps, and daily activities were all planned, designed, and integrated into a friendly and functional app that sales reps looked forward to using every day.